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About Shore Thang Models

Shore Thang is a model management company in Los Angeles, California that was established in 2018. Initially starting with just two full-time models, the company expanded in 2020 and has since collaborated with numerous renowned and lesser-known beauties from across the globe.
Kendra Rowe produced her inaugural professional exclusive content in late 2018, in Los Angeles. Eventually, Kendra ventured into digital marketing and content creation, broadening her horizons as she became popular on YouTube.
In essence, Kendra Rowe epitomizes the kind of models Shore Thang represents. Shore Thang models share a physical similarity, characterized by naturally curvy bodies—be it ample bosoms, a generous derriere, or a blend of both. Except for hair extensions or a modest amount of lip filler, our models embrace their natural beauty.
Typically, our talent joins the company when creating content for the first time, providing them with an opportunity to learn about content creation. We believe our unique approach to teaching talent how to create and promote content on social media is crucial. Hence, introducing new talent to the company is a priority, enabling them to learn the ropes and eventually thrive independently after cultivating discipline.

Shore Thang Around The World


Shore Thang scouts for new talent worldwide. Notably, at least four current and former models have garnered over 100,000 YouTube subscribers—coincidentally, all four are/were Canadian.
Shore Thang has an unmistakable international presence, always extending beyond the US to collaborate with new beauties, even though many of our models are also American.
Unlike traditional model management companies, Shore Thang excels at guiding ambitious beauties in growing their social media communities, adding value to their personal brand.
Since its inception in 2018, Shore Thang has accumulated tens of millions of views, hundreds of thousands of social media followers, and tens of thousands of paying customers.
We take pride in our work and remain enthusiastic about the talented individuals we collaborate with.

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