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PresidentNiki and Some Commonly Asked Questions By Her Fans

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PresidentNiki and Some Commonly Asked Questions By Her Fans

There are only a few authentic TikTok dancers like PresidentNiki

PresidentNiki is top-notch dancer and an advocate for thicc girls around the world.

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PresidentNiki Dancing

Commonly Asked Questions By My Fans

Hi, I am PresidentNiki; as an influencer and a model, I do get a lot of questions from fans who wanna know more about me. I am a good storyteller and love talking about everything, including anything that my fans wish to know. These questions are some of the several I received from my Instagram page.

What is your Favorite food?

Cheese. 100% cheese, I eat shredded cheese, I take mac and cheese, and I eat cheesy pasta. I am not a big fan of bread bread, but put cheese on it, and I am down for it. I even put cheese on popcorn shredded cheese; it slaps! Whether Mozzarella or tomatoes, the list is endless. dont get me started.

What is your Favorite bikini?

Well, this is a tough one ( yawns). I dont really have a specific favourite, but any kind with thick straps would do it for me ( holds the boobies for more visual illustration). I dont mind showing skin, so most bikinis would do just fine for me.

Favorite hobby

Ask me this: three years ago, I would say dancing, but with time, I just realized I love talking to people and having genuine conversations with people I care about ( that is why we are here!). Still, I love to dance, but having those conversations tops the list.

Favorite song of 2021

That is a good one. Well, I don't know if the song has to be released in 2021; let me check my Spotify. I think I Am a Woman was a very pretty song. It is a little cringy by now (or I feel so). I was thinking of the Arctic Monkeys song, but I am not sure if it was released in 2021. There is, so why only call me when you are high? It is another great song. All of Doja Cat's songs made my 2021. Not so sure, eh?

Have you ever tried cajun food?

Not really. I have been to a Cajun restaurant before, and they brought this cuisine: seafood. Personally, I can't handle much spices. I would say I had it with garlic butter, and it was like Calamari. It's okay, but it's a little too much for me.
That is all for this time. I love you.

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Who takes your pictures?

Myself. But once in a while, My friend Jovana helps a lot. I do work with professional photographers at times.

Why are you so hot?

Uhm, I don't know. Personally, I don't think I am hot, and so when people tell me I am so pretty, I get a little confused; I am, but I don't know...

What do I have to do to get a date with you ( I am from Cali)

Uh, uh, I am in Miami, so that would be a bit, you know... but now that you asked... I will make a video about my dating life, perhaps. I kinda like to keep it private, but I am single.

Can we have coffee sometime?


Did you like making your heel try on video?

Everyone loves that. I feel like I might make another heel try-on video. I do feel like a lot of people enjoyed them.

How come you are so amazing?

Antidepressants and mood stabilizers.

How old of a guy is too old for you?

I would say ( long hesitation ) that the sixties are definitely too old for me. I mean, I am in my early 20s. But I also like women too. I like everyone. So I don't know. I can only say that as long as they relate to me and they respect me, then the age part won't be much of a big deal. As long as I am legal and they are legal, it doesn't sound weird to me.

What compliments make you the happiest?

When people say you look so happy, or when people say they wish they had something like me when they were younger, I wish I had your knowledge when I was your age. I also feel that a lot of people admire me, and that is a lot of compliments I like to get. I like it when people say confidently they like my smile or my love. These kinds of compliments make me happy.

PresidentNiki is an exceptional dancer. Her dance videos are featured here: PresidentNiki Dance Videos

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