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Neave Dare and Shore Thang – An Exciting and Eventful Journey

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Neave Dare and Shore Thang – An Exciting and Eventful Journey

The story of how a Neave Dare became a part of Shore Thang is a long, wonderful, and ultimately brilliant adventure.

In 2020, when most of the world was sad, sick, and/or out of work, Shore Thang owner, Zachary Elliot was furiously doing outreach to as many new beauties as possible. Shore Thang was grosing

One such exceptionally gorgeous individual, was the quintessential Essex girl herself, Neave Dare.

English beauty Neave Dare

Neave Dare had already developed a decent niche for herself by doing live make up sessions on her TikTok account. Americans are suckers for a crisp English accent.

When Neave first began working with Shore Thang to do a try-on haul, she was in her own words “nearly 16.”

Shore Thang maintains relatively strict rules about not creating a website for any individual, no matter how beautiful, before they turn 17.

So began the slow and gradual process of keeping Neave working on YouTube videos, while not stepping on toes with respect to her ability to make content or her personal comfort level re: content.

Why would Shore Thang invest time and energy in Neave who couldn’t really make any money?

Not only is Neave Dare extraordinarily beautiful, but she’s bright, kind, and intelligent.

When Neave Dare and Zachary Elliot first shot photos together in Southend-on-Sea, during the summer of 2020, it was Neave, who broke the ice by suggesting the two of them step out to the patio and have a cigarette. At the time Neave’s brand was a Sterling Duel.

Travel at the time, was extremely risky, and Zachary braved a transatlantic flight, with very few people on board, well donning his quarantine-trademark gas mask on the flight, to avoid catching or spreading Covid-19.

Neave was too young at the time to make risque content.

That said, she maintained good communication with Shore Thang for many years and now, almost 4 years later, Neave Dare’s exclusive content website is an extraordinary collection of her best pics and videos.

Neave, physically, is the quintessential, Shore Thang, model, big, juicy hips, extraordinary butt, and amazing natural boobs.

Neave‘s beauty is undeniable, and after many years, Shore Thang is proud and grateful to keep such an amazing person a part of the company for so long.

Follow Neave Dare on Instagram and join her exclusive content website

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