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Caitlyn Sway Looks Like a Younger, Hotter Lana Del Rey With a Much Better Peach

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Caitlyn Sway Looks Like a Younger, Hotter Lana Del Rey With a Much Better Peach

Caitlyn Sway and all the junk in her trunk

When it comes to modeling, Caitlyn sway is not afraid to try new things. The young model with over 43k Instagram followers loves experimenting with different poses and styles. The only thing that matters to her is how she looks in the result. She always tries to find out what works best for her and what makes her look the best. This way, she can keep up with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Caitlyn is an introvert, from the East Coast of the US. She is a curvy model who enjoys life to its fullest. The stunning beauty has been featured in various publications, including posing for Sasser Stills’s boudoir photography series, “LA, APR 2021”, denim modeling for S3xy Couturé LA wholesale, and model (recurring) for The Pie Zone. Her natural assets have made her an instant favorite among photographers.

For over ten years, Caitlyn has been an independent model who enjoys life to the fullest. With perfectly proportioned curves, she is confident in her own skin and knows exactly how to pose to show off her assets; Caitlyn enjoys posing, styling, and creating beautiful images. She is a true perfectionist in her work and takes pride in everything she does.

The SWAYMAG founder is a lover of all things sexy. She believes that sex should be fun and healthy. That’s why she created SWAYMAG, a platform that promotes sexual activities and healthy living.

Caitlyn and Shore Thang

The lingerie and nude model love to show off her well-rounded ass, which is her unique feature. When it comes to her style, Caitlyn likes to wear trendy outfits that accentuate her figure. From sexy lingerie that shows off her breasts to sheer dresses that highlight her curves, Caitlyn is comfortable wearing some naughty whatever now and then.

With perfectly proportionate curves, Caitlyn is confident in her own body and knows exactly how to get attention. Whether she's posing in front of the camera or giving you a private showing, this seductive LA model will make sure your fantasies come alive.

Her passion for lingerie and eroticism, combined with artsy photos and videos, make Caitlyn a perfect fit for any photographer. As a professional model, Caitlyn understands how to direct the viewer's eye toward her assets. She can go from playful to provocative without missing a beat. And while she may look innocent at first glance, don't let her sweet smile fool you—she's got a wild side that only gets unleashed during steamy photoshoots.

Caitlyn and Zachary Elliot first collabroated in 2018 and their work may be found on Cali Stoner Girls and Petite Curve.

Caitlyn's Experienced

Athletic build, natural beauty, and great sense of humor make Caitlyn a sought-after model. In addition to her successful career in modeling, she is also great at directing, writing, producing, and starring in her crowd-funded nude try-on series, uploaded exclusively to Patreon. With her long legs, hourglass shape, and perky boobs, there’s no need to worry about finding something else to do when you're around this sizzling hot babe.

Caitlyn is a self-proclaimed exhibitionist, which means she loves to share intimate moments with others. From stripping down to nothing more than a bra and panties to wearing nothing but lingerie, Caitlyn loves to push the boundaries of what society deems appropriate.

She's always up for anything. From sexy photoshoots to erotic roleplays, Caitlyn loves experimenting with new things. If you want to know more about her kinky fetishes, check out her Patreon page, where she shares all kinds of naughty details.

As a social media sensation, Caitlyn has made a name for herself in the world of lingerie, swimwear, and nudity. Her photography style is unique and can easily be seen through the numerous pictures posted daily.

We think Caitlyn Sway would be perfect for anything from your next photoshoot to try-on-haul videos and more. Check out her portfolio on IG, TikTok, to follow this beautiful babe today!

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