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Exploring the Inspiring Exclusive Content of Grace Taylor

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Exploring the Inspiring Exclusive Content of Grace Taylor
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Grace Taylor Behind The Scenes

Grace Taylor is above and beyond the tallest model to ever collaborate with Shore Thang.

Her statuesque height is only accentuated by her stellar natural curves.

Grace Taylor has a beautiful face, dark Latina features, and natural curves that place her among the very most attractive of all, the Shore Thang models.

Although there is no explicit definition of what makes a Shore Thang model, over the years, a distinct culture has emerged from the model management company.

International is a common theme among Shore Thang models, and Grace Taylor does fit in because of her Latina roots. Also, Shore Thang models are typically known for their natural boobs and big butts. Grace Taylor easily flaunts both characteristics.

Additionally, Grace enjoys horseback riding. To think of someone as tall and beautiful as Grace Taylor confidently straddling her handsome Arabian stallion, is truly a vision to be hold.

Although Grace Taylor only worked off and on with Shore Thang, she made a lasting impression and continues to stand out from all the other Shore Thang models.

Explore: Grace Taylor Exclusive Content

Grace Taylor has offered exclusive content on her website since 2021, and recently updated the offerings on her site, including exclusive videos in the member store of her website.

Grace Taylor with her stallion

Grace Taylor with her stallion

Arabian horses are the oldest purebred horse. As early as 3000 to 2500 B.C. they were the horse of the nomadic people of Arabia. The Arabian horse was originally bred as a war horse because it was so loyal and hardy. It is said that this horse is the foundation of modern horse breeds today.

Its small dish head, large eyes and thin muzzle characterize the Arabian horse, making it a truly beautiful and elegant horse. Intelligent, sensitive and courageous this horse enjoys attention from its human counterparts.

The Arabian horses come in different colors and with many special markings.

Horses in a field or in the wild graze on grasses and plants anywhere from 15-18 hours a day. Horses in stables eat grass or hay (cut and dried grass). A horse can eat 20lbs or 10 kg of hay per day. They drink 25 liters of water per day, which is 13 times what an average human drinks.

Horses that are in training for show, jumping, racing or other activities will also be fed oats for extra energy.

A horse always enjoys a special healthy treats like an apple or carrots, but remem- ber to cut the apples into small pieces and cut the carrots lengthwise. Square or round pieces could get stuck in a horse’s throat causing them to choke.

Horses like to be fed at the same time every day – they like routine. Did you know that a horse will poop 5-12 times a day?

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