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Lauren Burch Flaunts Her Seemingly Tireless Amazing Show of Fashion Tips and Trends

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Canadian social media star Lauren Burch
Lauren Burch in a cute pink outfit and hat

Lauren Burch in a cute pink outfit and hat

In a podcast interview hosted by Sean Kelly, we learn more about Lauren Burch. Lauren Burch is a social media influencer who has gained popularity as an e-girl. In the interview, Lauren shares her experiences with various issues in her personal life and her experiences as an e-girl.

When asked how she describes an e-girl, she said it was very simple. She first attributes the culture to the rise of the popularity of TikTok and the trends shown there. But, in her view, e-girl is about having aesthetics characterized by long, colourful hair, creative makeup, and dressing inspired by video games and anime characters. While at it, she details her love for anime and how she grew up playing video games with her younger brother.

Lauren explains that she was born and grew up in Canada but is currently based in California. When asked to compare her Favorite place between the two, she describes Canada as having longer winters and more fun activities to do during winters. However, she finds California to suit her better regarding her social media presence. In the same light, she elaborates that her mother fully supports her decision to be an e-girl. She expresses that her mother has no problem with what she does as long as she follows her passion. She also explains that she is not so close with her father as her parents separated when she was a baby, and even so, she feels her father supports her endeavours.

About college, she explains that she had hoped to go to Ryerson University for Acting, but shortly after high school, she had mental health struggles. She instead chose to follow in her sister’s footsteps and become an influencer. In the same light, she expresses how much pressure college is, as most people do not get the full preparation to transition into adulthood after high school. Her view is that even so, most college education leans more on sciences at the expense of training people on what they need to survive adulthood. She highlights important skills such as cooking, changing tires, and handling taxes and mortgages, which are not included in the typical college learning experience.

Aside from her view about college education, she touches on the origin of Gloomy Girl, a movement that she and her sister Julia started. She explained that it began as a name for their merch, but their managers later advised them to get other e-girls to represent it. Soon enough, they will start a Twitch content group with a team of e-girls who are gamers. That is how it became an organization representing females in video games.

In the interview, Lauren talks more about herself, so don’t miss the tea!

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Lauren Burch is a social media maven and one half of the Burch Twins.

Shore Thang is an international model management company.

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Ellie The Empress: Leaning Into Beauty and Empowerment in the Digital Age

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Ellie The Empress as Mrs. Claus
Ellie The Empress in a jacuzzi in Florida

Ellie The Empress in the spa

Ellie The Empress is blowing up all over social media is not just because of her natural, striking beauty. Across the spectrum of Instagram, TikTok, and X Ellie is the exemplification of beauty and style. Ellie the Empress has her own YouTube channel where viewers can subscribe for premium content. Ellie’s personal styling tips and her down to earth personality, as well as a voluptuous figure that is her trademark, has amassed many followers on social media. Ellie the Empress has also modeled and collaborated with many fashion and beauty brands. Florida native Ellie is the embodiment of the beach esthetic. She is the incarnation of a bathing beauty as she models swimsuits beachside and poolside. Take a walk with Ellie along the beautiful shore line of Florida’s beaches as she models bikinis. Gorgeous Ellie exudes confidence in the tiniest of bikinis. Her stratospheric rise on social media started with her captivating beauty and was cemented by her engaging personality. Stardom was always in her sights and now attained, Ellie rules as the Empress that she is. The audience is invited along as Ellie shares her daily fashion, beauty and style tips in uniquely curated content. Her fans instantly feel connected to her on a personal level that goes beyond the cyber world. Ellie’s confidence really stands out as a body positivity, that tears down conventional beauty norms. Ellie has teamed up with Shore Thang Media to bring her most devoted fans exclusive content on her YouTube channel. Her fans can interact with her across her social media where they can leave comments and be treated to the privileged access that subscribing entails. Ellie’s fans can get notified of fresh new content as it drops. Who wouldn’t want to sub for the Empress?  Ellie’s glowup across her social media channels is a testament to her own brand of body positivity that she demonstrates with her modeling and collaborations with the brands that she represents. Self empowered and self love through body positivity is what Ellie the Empress brings to her fans. Ellie is an example of female empowerment as well. Redefining beauty while remaining true to herself, Ellie has left an enduring mark. Breaking down barriers and traditional beauty standards with her physique, Ellie invites you to be yourself and revel in your unique beauty. The allure of Ellie is her self confidence that brings a unique authenticity to everything she does.

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Ellie The Empress was discovered by Shore Thang in 2020.

Shore Thang is an international model management company.

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Exploring the Inspiring Exclusive Content of Grace Taylor

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Grace Taylor Behind The Scenes

Grace Taylor is above and beyond the tallest model to ever collaborate with Shore Thang.

Her statuesque height is only accentuated by her stellar natural curves.

Grace Taylor has a beautiful face, dark Latina features, and natural curves that place her among the very most attractive of all, the Shore Thang models.

Although there is no explicit definition of what makes a Shore Thang model, over the years, a distinct culture has emerged from the model management company.

International is a common theme among Shore Thang models, and Grace Taylor does fit in because of her Latina roots. Also, Shore Thang models are typically known for their natural boobs and big butts. Grace Taylor easily flaunts both characteristics.

Additionally, Grace enjoys horseback riding. To think of someone as tall and beautiful as Grace Taylor confidently straddling her handsome Arabian stallion, is truly a vision to be hold.

Although Grace Taylor only worked off and on with Shore Thang, she made a lasting impression and continues to stand out from all the other Shore Thang models.

Explore: Grace Taylor Exclusive Content

Grace Taylor has offered exclusive content on her website since 2021, and recently updated the offerings on her site, including exclusive videos in the member store of her website.

Grace Taylor with her stallion

Grace Taylor with her stallion

Arabian horses are the oldest purebred horse. As early as 3000 to 2500 B.C. they were the horse of the nomadic people of Arabia. The Arabian horse was originally bred as a war horse because it was so loyal and hardy. It is said that this horse is the foundation of modern horse breeds today.

Its small dish head, large eyes and thin muzzle characterize the Arabian horse, making it a truly beautiful and elegant horse. Intelligent, sensitive and courageous this horse enjoys attention from its human counterparts.

The Arabian horses come in different colors and with many special markings.

Horses in a field or in the wild graze on grasses and plants anywhere from 15-18 hours a day. Horses in stables eat grass or hay (cut and dried grass). A horse can eat 20lbs or 10 kg of hay per day. They drink 25 liters of water per day, which is 13 times what an average human drinks.

Horses that are in training for show, jumping, racing or other activities will also be fed oats for extra energy.

A horse always enjoys a special healthy treats like an apple or carrots, but remem- ber to cut the apples into small pieces and cut the carrots lengthwise. Square or round pieces could get stuck in a horse’s throat causing them to choke.

Horses like to be fed at the same time every day – they like routine. Did you know that a horse will poop 5-12 times a day?

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Hot Kendra Rowe Sexy Poolside Photos, Bikini Pics on Cali Stoner Girls
February 25, 2022 by Shore Thang in behind the scenes, Blog 0 Comments

A world of fun awaits you at Cali Stoner Girls! It's about time you meet these gorgeous girls from the sunny state of California, where marijuana has been legal since 1996. You'll be amazed by how much fun these girls have in the sun with a joint between their lips! These girls are so sexy and full of energy; they will make your day just right.

With photographer Zachary Elliot, these girls have found themselves some great modeling jobs. Zach is known for his edgy photography style, and he loves to shoot wild girls doing some crazy things. This is one way to get your hands on some awesome videos and pictures of these beautiful women doing what they love best. The girls are photographed and videoed in bikinis or lingerie while puffing away on a joint. They look absolutely stunning, and all of this is captured on camera.

At Cali Stoner Girls, our girls are free to do whatever they want. This means anything from erotically posing for Zachary Elliot under the influence of legalized 420 to enjoying an afternoon relaxing poolside with a joint between their fingers. There are no limits to what these beautiful ladies will allow us to photograph and film.

With more than 13,000 unique photo sets and 8 videos available in 217 sets for our members, there's plenty of material to keep you coming back for more. Our editors handpicked every set and came complete with high-resolution images and HD quality streaming videos.

When you sign up for an account with us, you gain access to our private members' area, where you can browse through all of the sets and find exactly what you're looking for.

Meet The Cali Stoner Girls

Mati Marroni

As a successful model with over 570k Instagram followers, Mati knows how to work hard and play harder. The model loves all things bikini, showing off her huge natural boobs and amazing ass in skimpy outfits. Her Instagram feed features some of the hottest erotic pics and videos we could ever imagine seeing. Whether walking the street, at the beach, or having a nice time in the pool, Mati always finds a way to show off her incredible body and big boobs that seems to be impossible to hide. When it comes to sexiness, Mati has got it down pat, and it doesn't matter if it's day or night; Mati has a way to make any situation sexy and fun.

Brooke Eva

Brooke Eva is one of the biggest names in the modeling industry. With her stunning looks and versatile personality, she has become one of the most popular models on Instagram. As a photographer cum model, Brooke is a true exhibitionist who shows off her gorgeous nude body in provocative photos. Brooke is also a legalized 420 enthusiast, which makes her even hotter! You won’t believe your eyes when you see Brooke smoking weed while posing in nothing but lingerie.

Kendra Rowe

After dropping out of college, Kendra decided to start pursuing her passion for entertainment. Since then, she has been working on building up her following by sharing her unique insights about life, love, and fashion on her YouTube channel. From fashion tips to lifestyle advice, Kendra brings her viewers something they can relate to. On top of that, she posts some steamy photos that showcase her beautiful body and seductive smile.

Caitlyn Sway

With a natural elegance that belies her age, Caitlyn Sway is one of the most sought-after models in the bikinis and lingerie category. One of the oldest performers in the business, Caitlyn is known for her versatility and ability to deliver sultry performances. In addition to being a professional performer, Caitlyn is sure to be a hit at any event where legalized 420 would be present.

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New Kendra Rowe Website Launch

We launched a new Kendra Rowe website today over at

Content featuring Kendra's huge natural boobs is available to purchase one set/pic at a time.

Also, eventually we'll publicly release all the Members Only store content on the site.

Also, lots of previously unpublished will be made available in the Super Exclusive section.

Polaroid sets, behind the scenes videos, unedited videos, and uncompressed website vids are all available.

Here's a link to read more about how we're running this amazing new Kendra Rowe website.

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