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Lauren Burch Flaunts Her Seemingly Tireless Amazing Show of Fashion Tips and Trends

Lauren Burch Flaunts Her Seemingly Tireless Amazing Show of Fashion Tips and Trends
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Canadian social media star Lauren Burch
Lauren Burch in a cute pink outfit and hat

Lauren Burch in a cute pink outfit and hat

In a podcast interview hosted by Sean Kelly, we learn more about Lauren Burch. Lauren Burch is a social media influencer who has gained popularity as an e-girl. In the interview, Lauren shares her experiences with various issues in her personal life and her experiences as an e-girl.

When asked how she describes an e-girl, she said it was very simple. She first attributes the culture to the rise of the popularity of TikTok and the trends shown there. But, in her view, e-girl is about having aesthetics characterized by long, colourful hair, creative makeup, and dressing inspired by video games and anime characters. While at it, she details her love for anime and how she grew up playing video games with her younger brother.

Lauren explains that she was born and grew up in Canada but is currently based in California. When asked to compare her Favorite place between the two, she describes Canada as having longer winters and more fun activities to do during winters. However, she finds California to suit her better regarding her social media presence. In the same light, she elaborates that her mother fully supports her decision to be an e-girl. She expresses that her mother has no problem with what she does as long as she follows her passion. She also explains that she is not so close with her father as her parents separated when she was a baby, and even so, she feels her father supports her endeavours.

About college, she explains that she had hoped to go to Ryerson University for Acting, but shortly after high school, she had mental health struggles. She instead chose to follow in her sister’s footsteps and become an influencer. In the same light, she expresses how much pressure college is, as most people do not get the full preparation to transition into adulthood after high school. Her view is that even so, most college education leans more on sciences at the expense of training people on what they need to survive adulthood. She highlights important skills such as cooking, changing tires, and handling taxes and mortgages, which are not included in the typical college learning experience.

Aside from her view about college education, she touches on the origin of Gloomy Girl, a movement that she and her sister Julia started. She explained that it began as a name for their merch, but their managers later advised them to get other e-girls to represent it. Soon enough, they will start a Twitch content group with a team of e-girls who are gamers. That is how it became an organization representing females in video games.

In the interview, Lauren talks more about herself, so don’t miss the tea!

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Lauren Burch is a social media maven and one half of the Burch Twins.

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